225 Richmond St. West
Toronto, Ontario

CaseCamp is a marketing unconference open to anyone. Presenters share case studies of their work, with the goal of creating a commons for discussion, learning and networking. Learn more...

Toronto's third CaseCamp is happening on:

* Wednesday, September 27th
* The Fifth Club -- 225 Richmond Street West, 416-979-3000
* 6:00 - doors open
* 6:45 - the first case begins

RSVP on the CaseCamp Wiki

Official Website: http://www.casecamp.org/home/show/CaseCampToronto3

Added by lex on September 20, 2006



this is new to me - so my questions are- do we know who does the cases in advance? how long/detailed the cases are? and how long does the whole thing usually go for?


It's new to me too, but the site lists the presenters.

No idea how long it lasts.