55 Broad Street, on the Northeast corner of Broad and Beaver Street in the Financial District.
New York City, New York

The workshop begins with an overview of DOM Scripting. You will learn exactly how JavaScript can tap into the power of the DOM to create and update markup on the fly. While DOM Scripting is a powerful technology in itself, its combination with the XMLHttpRequest object makes for a sea-change in your traditional view of websites.

Jeremy will examine the hows and whys of Ajax, the benefits and the pitfalls. All illustrated with straightforward examples. You'll learn the code but perhaps more importantly, you'll learn the concepts behind the technology. By the end of the day you'll be writing your own code and you'll be ready to start using DOM Scripting and Ajax in your next project.

Official Website: http://carsonworkshops.com/dev/keith/06JULY2006.html

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The workshop has been cancelled. Sorry 'bout that.