2211 SE Hawthorne
Portland, Oregon 97212

Come buy lunch or dinner from HOTLIPS Pizza on June 21 and save the planet.

100% of the money you spend goes directly towards making HOTLIPS more energy efficient!

There will be musicians to entertain you all day, as well as booths with more information about helping the environment. There will be plenty of pizza ready for purchase and discounted cases of HOTLIPS's real fruit soda.

Carrotmob is holding a "reverse boycott" of HOTLIPS. Instead of avoiding a business with bad practices, Carrotmob will attract customers to a company with good ones. We want to buy everything we can so we can save the environment!

Again, EVERY DOLLAR you spend goes directly towards helping the environment. The environment gets saved, and as an added benefit you get pizza. There is no downside!

Carrotmob has already been successful in several cities around the country, from San Francisco to New York to London to Helsinki, Finland. Portland, with its reputation of environmental awareness, is prepared to blow all these other cities out of the water. Carrotmob is challenging Portland to prove that they are on the cutting edge of environmental activism.

Buy pizza, save the planet!

Official Website: http://portland.carrotmob.org/

Added by kimastergeorge on May 28, 2009