1060 Dunaweal Ln., Calistoga
San Francisco Bay Area, California

The Improvisator's 20th Cave Music Concert Season:
"Carols in the Caves" and "Drums of Peace"! (creative concerts on ancient instruments in awesome acoustics for the winter-weary!)

Three weekends at Napa/Sonoma wineries plus two Saturdays at San Francisco sanctuaries, December 3 through January 8, performed by The Improvisator, multi-instrumental mesmerizer on many ancient wind, stringed and percussion instruments from down through the ages and around the globe.

$40 general admission ($5 order processing fee).
In order for adults to enjoy the acoustics, these concerts are not for children under ten.
Phone 707-224-4222 for tickets. Visit http://www.cavemusic.net for detailed information.

"Drums of Peace" - new! sounds for sacred spaces:

"Carols and Drums of Peace"
Dec. 10 (Sat.), 8:00 pm
St. John's Presbyterian Church
25 Lake St. (at Arguello), San Francisco
(To a Gothic wooden bower through an English shingled tower!)

"Drums for the New Year"
Dec. 31 (Sat.), 8:00 pm
Trinity Episcopal Church
1668 Bush St. (at Gough), San Francisco
(Norman-Roman fortress fastness resonant in vaulted vastness!)

"Carols in the Caves" - twentieth season in Napa:

Dec. 3 (Sat.), 2:00 pm
Dec. 4 (Sun.), 2:00 pm
Venge Vineyards
424 Crystal Springs Rd., St. Helena
(A cozy cave behind the door with antler lights above the floor!)

Dec. 17 (Sat.), 2:00 pm
Dec. 18 (Sun.), 2:00 pm
Hans Fahden Vineyards
4855 Petrified Forest Rd., Calistoga
(A cave of lakeside elven halls where candles light the mountain walls!)

"Twelfth Night Carols"
Jan. 7 (Sat.), 7:30 pm
and (tentatively) Jan. 8 (Sun.), 7:00 pm
Clos Pegase Winery
1060 Dunaweal Ln., Calistoga
(Bacchus and Cupid in each niche - a cave of ancient revels rich!)

Cave Music is the unique, informal approach to music performance created by The Improvisator, specialist in ancient instruments played in rare acoustics. Within the fabric of tradition he weaves threads of improvisation. Valuing simplicity over showmanship, he discourages applause, asking the audience to relax and enjoy silence as well as sound.

"Carols in the Caves" started with a single show twenty years ago. The Improvisator still draws from old lore of the season with personal renditions of venerable carols (on ancient folkloric instruments including dulcimers, harps, psalteries, flutes, primitive drums and bells).

"Drums of Peace", conceived for acoustics of churches and sacred spaces, had its genesis at the very end of last season's Grace Cathedral concert with inspirational drums. Now more drums both soft and resounding will evoke contemplations of peace. Other ancient sounds, selected melodic instruments of varied timbres, will intersperse peaceful carols.

Abandon all your expectations, bid farewell to preconceptions, and prepare to embark upon a holiday voyage into realms of the unexpected. Beware! Here there be Spirits.

In spring of 2006 Cave Music will offer "Cave of the Spirits" and "Cave of the Drums".

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