1111 8th Street
San Francisco, California

Closing Reception Performance for

23 Years of Hernia Milk and Ergot Dreams:
A Retrospective of Caroliner and its
Homage to 19th Century Singing Bull

Curated By Sarrita Hunn, Marcella Fruastini
and The Museum of Viral Memory

Official Website: http://www.vime.org/caroliner.htm

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January, 13 2007 at Playspace at CCA campus 1111 8th Street and Verbierboten at 15th and Carolina
1111 8th street, 15th and Carolina street, San Francisco, Arkansas
Cost :

2 sweats both at Playspace. In between will be the horrible Ploc Munster from Brazil. The sickeningly piercing whale screams of Theremin Barney. Finally before the "Stuffing Full of Sugar" of Caroliner's second set will be hair covered ape-man fetes of Luz and Georgio who play at Verbierboten (15th and Carolina) one half block away. No alchoholic spirits are allowed on the premesis or the entire police force of southern San Francisco will arrest everyone including you. Show over. We will keep all your dollars and no one will be able to even look at you, you open grave faced trouble hound. This is all ages.or compost axis. If you want to be in on the private show send name on your i.d., a phone number and the date of 11th or 12th marked for the "donation only" secret show. Send information to [email protected] with the date you want to show up. Easy as pie.


Waitaminit..."watching" how can I watch if my eyes are busy bleeding and I am not there?

will you bring me a flower?
well then I'll make beef medallions outta you!