885 S Main St
Mansfield, Ohio 02048

Attractions --
The Fun House - Are you afraid of clowns? A terrifying journey through a haunted fun house featuring several Hollywood-style effects and scares. BEWARE: This is an extremely high-intensity scare oriented haunted house. Consistently voted as one of Ohio's number one attractions year after year. Many have entered, but very few have left alive.

The Freakshow in 3-D Terrorvision - Northeast Ohio's first and most original fully three dimensional walk-through haunted house, using state-of-the-art Chromadepth 3-D glasses to bring The Freakshow to life. The floor, walls and ceiling become a living 3-D experience that will leave you begging for mercy. To survive and reach the exit, you must be able to pass through the 3-D Vortex Tunnel. You won't believe your eyes.

The Wicked Woods - We dare you to walk through the darkest corner of Blossom's haunted woods. Don't expect to see anything coming, because you'll be alone while you try to escape. However, the monsters will be watching and waiting to strike. You'll never know what hit you. We will even supply you with a flashlight since it's so dark and scary. After all, it wouldn't be fair to send you in there unarmed. So, only with a flashlight, you must attempt to find your way out and escape The Wicked Woods.

Official Website: http://www.carnivalofhorrors.com/attractions.htm



let me say that after waiting in a hour and a half line to get to the door and be rushed threw so fast that they did not have time to reset the rooms, i was not scared one time the teeneyboppers they had as the scarey people sucked, there make-up sucked they were not scarey at all, the fake chain saws sound retarded and the special affects.....well there were none, each room was dark and had flashing lights but no decorations no coffins not dead anything it was a fence with a broke up skeleton on the floor and some bubbles...it sucked sooooooooooooo bad we didn't even bother going in the woods because that was another hour wait............on top of the ugly girls mooning us in the line and the million of smokers in the line that have no consideration for others lungs....blossom u suck for sponsering these people i will never come there again and i'm gonna post a comment everywhere you advertise until i get my 72.00 back for me and my three famliy members....


In a response to what Mechief wrote the Carnival of Horrors at blossom music center is actually an extreamly interactive haunted house many of my co actors have been doing haunted houses for years and take a lot of pride of there work. And so sorry you had to wait in an hour long line i guess that might mean that thoses other 2000 people liked it because if not i dont think they would have been there. And you are complaining about the people in line well thats not are fault if we see things that are agents are rules we will take action then, And if u already waited an hour to get into the first house i know it was not an hour wait to get into the second house the whole point of the long first line is so that you will not have to waite in a line that is more that 15 min at the most for the rest of the time and you would have been able to know that if you would have stayed and waited. to everyone else if you are thinking about comeing to the carnival of horros please do so we would love to see you there