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How, in the post-colonial present, do we conceptualize the societies in the Caribbean? How do writers, scholars, and artists conceive of the Caribbean? The organizers of the Caribbean Epistemologies seminar invite you to join seminar participants and others in a day-long symposium on addressing these questions. The day will close with a keynote by Holger Henke (President, Caribbean Studies Association). Throughout the day there will also be a book table with copies of publications by seminar participants on display and for sale. Please see below for the full program. Please contact Kelly Baker Josephs, York College/CUNY or visit the following sites for more information about the seminar and/or the symposium: http://caribbean.commons.gc.cuny.edu/, http://centerforthehumanitiesgc.org/conferences

Official Website: http://caribbean.commons.gc.cuny.edu/

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