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areless Hearts are a band based in San Jose, CA whose music is featured in the advertising campaign of Palm, Inc's new phone (the Palm Pre) with their song "Yolo county Line". The band formed in 2005, and has released two albums: "Careless Hearts" (2006) and "Heart's Delight" (2008). "Yolo County Line" is taken from "Heart's Delight". Careless Hearts was the first band to be featured in the Bubble Lounge in the wine education website SuppleWine.com, including biographical information and samples of their music.

"There was a simpler musical time, say 50 years ago, before rock n’ roll and country split and become estranged brothers. Careless Hearts still straddles this divide, beating out twangy, folk-infused rock. The rhythm and the tune bore down into the heart of country, the guitar pulls it back into modern rock n’ roll, and the lyrics are folktastic (though entirely evoking the dusty rural country life of America, rather than some citified folk rock)." --- Search for the Last of the Hardcore Troubadours, 10/08


7/17 Tempest • Celtic Rock
7/24 Kenny Neal · Blues
7/31 Evolution · Tribute to Journey - Sponsored by KOIT
8/07 The California Honeydrops · Roots Music/Blues/Soul
8/14 Aja Vu · Plays The Music Of Steely Dan
8/21 Big City Revue · Pop
8/28 Still Time · Original/Eclectic Rock
9/04 Groove Kings Band · Classic Rock
9/11 Jeffrey Broussard & The Creole Cowboys · Zydeco
9/18 Sun Kings · A Musically Remarkable Tribute To The Beatles - Sponsored by KOIT
9/25 Mazacote · Salsa
10/02 Zoostation · U2 Tribute Band

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