2050 Bryant St
San Francisco, California 94110

Welcome to CardBurg: End of Ages
Friday, April 18 8PM-2AM
Admission Price: $10-$20 sliding scale
Wear a costume and get in for $8
21 and up only

Live Music, Puppet Show, Virgin Beauty Contest, Cardboard Devastation, Dancing on the Ruins

"Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Recent developments in urban legend suggest Ducksquach will demand a virgin sacrifice and CardBurg will come to its catastrophic end during an epic battle between superheroes and monsters at "CardBurg's End of Ages." When the mulch settles, a dance party will be held atop the cardboard rubble. Wear a costume and dance through the Apocalypse." -Silke Tudor

Join the Cardboard Institute of Technology for an exploration of the rise, corruption, and fall of an entire civilization in only three nights! Bear witness to the game of chance as you explore the city, become its inhabitants, and help shape its ultimate demise. Three nights of performance/para-performance encapsulate the entire legacy of CardBurg, the cardboard city. Participation is inevitable as you are swept up in the chaos of cardboard MONSTERS, superheroes, giant puppets, and dancing Duck-squatch.

BE PREPARED! Come as your cardboard spirit animal or superhero or anti-hero, or mythic creature of CardBurg's fabled past. Costumes are welcome every night, and absolutely necessary for the "End of the Ages" closing night party.

Official Website: http://cellspace.org

Added by RussellH on April 16, 2008