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Breaking down the complexities of carbon footprint reduction into easy to follow steps…

With rises in the costs of fuel and widespread media coverage on the threats of global warming, reducing your carbon footprint is increasingly at the forefront of the sustainability agenda for retailers and consumer product manufacturers. Together with the potential for standards and upcoming regulation in the US, the whole value chain, if they have not already, must start thinking about how to effect and deliver carbon reductions within their life cycle costs as a serious commercial and environmental proposition.

Yet, where do you start? With so much uncertainty about what a carbon footprint or even a carbon-rated product is, there is a primary need to define the concept and understand why measuring your carbon footprint is important, what it is exactly and how to even embark on such an initiative, whether in the first instance it is being eco-efficient and lowering greenhouse gas emissions within your own operations, or whether it is mapping out the baselines across your supply chain and setting targets to make the greatest carbon reductions as cost-effectively as possible.

The Carbon Footprint Consumer Products Summit is the first ever conference to demonstrate the business case for measuring your carbon footprint. After dissecting the WHYS the event will then show you how to get started, literally taking you, step by step to define a reference point for your carbon reductions investments, both internally and across the supply chain.

Attend the Carbon Footprint Consumer Products Summit to: -

* Analyse the business risk benefits of measuring the life cycle costs of your carbon footprint to understand why making reductions is necessary
* Understand how to measure and establish boundaries within your internal operations or across supply chains to identify where the most accurate and efficient reductions can be achieved
* Develop proactive carbon reduction strategies to mitigate the risks of upcoming legislation and handle better future climate change regulation
* Assess the impact of consumer perceptions on carbon labelling and identify how best to present carbon-rated products within the commercial market-place
* Learn how to gather credible and certified data from innovative, data-models and technologies to ensure transparency and accuracy in reporting measurements
* Examine the impact on reducing your carbon footprint of optimising efficiency within distribution, logistics, packaging and manufacturing and the opportunities for improving cost efficiency and communications
* Learn how to balance the cost benefits of implementing carbon offsetting initiatives against the practicalities of carbon reduction programmes to identify the biggest impact on business sustainability

Official Website: http://www.carbonfootprint-consumerproducts.com/

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