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Are you sick of NOT MAKING money online?

Carbon Copy Pro is really a marketing system "wrapped" around a network marketing company. The company, founded by Jay Kubassek, claims to have spent big bucks and 4 years developing the marketing system. The network marketing company that the marketing plan is "wrapped" around, is Wealth Masters International. Wealth Masters International specializes in direct sales. Mike Dillard and Jay Kubassek have teamed up to form a formidable pair in the network marketing arena. You may remember Mike Dillard, the glib author of "Magnetic Sponsoring."

The Product line The product line at Carbon Copy Pro mostly consists of "How To" financial information products. Examples of some of the titles are, "How To Consolidate Your Debts," or "How To Protect Your Assets." Nothing to really get me too excited. Pretty "run of the mill" stuff. The company features 3 product "lines," M-1 through M-3. They are priced as follows: M-1 1995.00, M-2 8995.00, and the M-3, a whopping 19,995.00! WHO-EEE!

So, What Is The "System?" For that kind of money, it better be good! The company claims that the marketing system solves the 4 main problems people face when trying to make it in network marketing. Which, according to them are:

1.) Credibility 2.) Running Out Of Funds Before Making A Sale 3.) Closing A Sale 4.) The Marketing

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