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As someone interested in multiple streams on income online I found Carbon Copy Pro intriguing. Clearly some people had experienced and were experiencing success with the system. My question was of course could I duplicate the same results, and also, how many within the Carbon Copy Pro system were repeating this same success? These were some of my main concerns and questions:

Implementing the Carbon Copy Pro system meant purchasing their "Business in a Box," which would be putting in place a duplicate website offered to all new CCP reps. Having a "unique selling proposition" that sets me apart from others would seem to be difficult if my website was a clone of another and was out there amongst thousands (or more) others. How would I fare against my own company reps with the same site?

The system also aims to "eliminate the human variable." This is an attractive proposition for people who hate cold calling, prospecting for new leads, or bothering their friends and family endlessly for business. That appealed to me and no doubt appeals to many. The focus is on the internet as a marketing tool. On the other hand, a quick look at many of the top internet marketing giants reveals that they all use the human variable - themselves, to great effect. Their method is called "personal branding" or "attraction marketing" and aims to leverage the very element that invites peoples trust, participation, and ultimately - business, which is presenting themselves as front and center in their system, as a real human being, available and personable. Carbon Copy Pro does this as well but in a singular way: presenting Jay Kubassek as the human element.

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