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Carbon Copy Pro was created to automatically deliver the marketing support that members need to succeed. Instead of leaving members to live or die on their own efforts, Kubassek structured his system to instantly put prospects in front of skilled marketing professionals. Members can simply send people to their website. Once there, the experts take the reins.

Nailing The Close

Most marketers aren't skilled salespeople. They can talk about a product. But, closing the sale is often an insurmountable challenge. When Kubassek designed Carbon Copy Pro, he instantly recognized that members needed to have someone on their side who could masterfully draw prospects in and close sales. He understood that members had limited time. It was a finite resource that was best used to simply send people to a website. Once they arrived at the website, Kubassek's elite team of crack closers would follow-up with the prospects.

The Beauty Of Getting Paid Now

Another challenge that haunts most new marketers is a lack of an advertising budget. While many marketers can afford to advertise, they simply don't have the financial resources to do so while waiting for commissions to arrive several weeks in the future. In short, they need money today. The Carbon Copy Pro system offers same-day payment for sales. In that way, it's unique from many competing marketing programs.

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