City Hall, 14th & Broadway
Oakland, California

A: It's a game where players young and old, from Oakland and beyond come together to have some fun playing the age old game "Capture The Flag"

Q: What is "Capture The Flag" and how is it played?
A: Here's a link that will give some insight into the general rules of the game: CTF on Wikipedia. As far as the specifics of how WE play; we go over all that before the game starts. ALSO; a more extensive explanation of some of our rules can be found at

Q: When/where do I show up to play?
A: The where is FRANK OGAWA PLAZA, located at 14th and Broadway in beautiful Oakland, CA; right in front of City Hall. The time to show up is 8pm. We LOVE to be able to go over the rules at 8:15, so we can split into teams and start playing by 8:30. The earlier we can start, the more time we have to play. We leave promptly at/by 10pm when the plaza closes, in order to remain respectful to the local security guards who are generally VERY cool with us doing our thing

Official Website:

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