1621 12th Ave N.E.
Seattle, Washington

Bad Actor Productions and Capitol Hill Arts Center peer pressure you to bust out of detention and break curfew for Capitol Hill High -- A satirical new late night episodic comedy written and directed by Dan Dembiczak (Pine Nuts, In Between Bliss) that will donkey punch any of those snarky, wretched, lily white teenage dramas your "friend" made you watch on the WB.

At the fictional Capitol Hill High School, the usual teenage angst bullshit is kicked up a notch as students (and teachers) struggle for popularity not just among their peers, but among the archetypical cliques of Capitol Hill. You won't find football jocks picking on the 'weird' kids here: It's the musicians, gay hipsters, pseudo-intellectuals, and one particularly powerful black girl who rule this school.

In its debut episode, The Queen Isn't Dead Yet, a sophomore transplant from Walla Walla gets a crash orientation to the student body of indie hipsters, haters and fags amidst a scandalous bloodletting race for Homecoming Queen.

Capitol Hill High, Episode One: The Queen Isn't Dead Yet opens February 9th at the Lower Level of Capitol Hill Arts Center, at 1621 12th Avenue in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood -- conveniently just down the block from the liquor store.

Where: CHAC Lower Level, 1621 12th Avenue
When: Thurs-Sat at 10:30pm. Feb 9th - Feb 25th.
Cost: $10, Advance tickets through www.BrownPaperTickets.com, 21 and over only


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