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Director Julian Mark Kheel Producer Michael Cecchi, Brett Halsey, Dave Steck, Danny Masterson Executive Producer Michael Meyer, Aly Mawji Writer Brett Halsey, Julian Mark Kheel Editor Gregg London Director of Photography Carlo Scialla Music David Poe Cast Danny Masterson, Leon, Aysan Celik, Dominique Swain, Blanchard Ryan, Phyllis Somerville Country USA Language English Film Info 86min

Genre Comedy

Three devious schemes; three badly executed heists; and a pawnshop with one surprising treasure.

Making up director Julian M. Kheel’s hilarious debut feature are spot-on comedic performance from such talents as Danny Masterson (That 70s Show), Blanchard Ryan (Open Water), Leon (Get Rich or Die Tryin’) and Dominique Swain (Lolita).

When a triad of inept criminal teams simultaneously plan to execute the same heist, they have to make it past the menacing old pawnshop owner, who they believe is stashing a fortune in plain sight. The “Amateurs” fumble their way through the pawnshop airshaft, as the “Moolies” shop for dynamite with their boom box blasting and du-rags flossing. Meanwhile, the Slovo-Afghan duo of “Sputniks” exploits their exotic sexuality to gain entry past the grandson with a low I.Q.

Through swindling mishaps, they all end up in a deadlock. Can the Sputniks, the Moolies, and the Amateurs agree to split the gold? Or will these clumsy crooks end up in battle?

Preceded by: The Gold Lunch; 12min; Director: Joanna Kerns
The tale of a man who imagines that having lunch with his ex-wife is an Olympic event. Based on the short story by Ron Carlson, the film depicts lunching as a "full blown contact sport, loaded with punishing ambiguity and emotional twists and turns that dwarf the Grand Slalom."

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