800 Chestnust St.
San Francisco, California 94133

Open Call for Casting for "Cannibal Cafe"
a Performance Video project

May 2nd, 5pm-7pm

Diego Rivera Gallery, 800 Chestnut Street, San Francisco

What is "Cannibal Cafe"
This project intends to make a video during the 2 hour opening of my gallery show. The video appropriates the news of a cannibal in Germany. You can learn more about the actual story on http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/3286721.stm

What you need to do
Your role in the video references the murderer yet it does not look for literary violent interpretation. What you need to do is sit at a table, drink beer, eat pizza, cook sausage in a portable stove etc. You will be acting with a partner who will play the role of the victim.

How to participate
This open call is to look for multiple MALE Performers as the murderer. Everyone who comes for casting will be included in the final tape. and this video will be shown for the rest of the week after the opening. You only need attend for a very short period of time - how many people there are for casting dictates how long your taping will be. Email me at [email protected] to let me know if you will come and we will set up a time.

One or more than applicants will be chosen to be awarded $50 cash (keep in mind that this is for a one time job). Wine and snack will be provided for everyone. This is a gallery opening at the San Francisco Art Institute with two other exhibitors. There will be a lot of artists and professors at the opening for you to mingle with.

All are welcome to come and stay as Extras
You are all welcome to come to hang out with wine and snacks. Bring your friends. We need extra people!

Thank you!

Added by Deer Fang on April 19, 2006