147 Greenpoint AVe
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Hours: 10pm-6am
Price: $25 presale @ groovetickets.com // $35 @ the door with costume ~ $50 @ the door without costume (<~~ NOT A JOKE!)
Ages: 18 to party // 21 to drink
Venue: Exit Club & Lounge (www.club-exit.com)
149 Greenpoint Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Free glowsticks, candi, whistles, fresh fruit and much more all night long!!

After more than seven years of dreaming about throwing all Happy Hardcore parties in NYC, last October I stopped dreaming and started living. First, I called MC Jumper and after an hour of talking it was clear to both of us--Now Is The Time! After 6 months of planning and promoting, the NYC Happy Hardcore revolution began on April 20th at “Candyball: Now Is The Time”! At the first ever, NYC Happy Hardcore party, 587 people produced a UNIFIED VIBE unlike anything NYC had ever seen before. With hundreds of reviews posted on message boards everywhere, it was clear that word of mouth, combined with the impressive lineup for my July party, would mean I needed to make a change. I decided to sell pre-sale tickets and quickly added that fact to the flyer. I finally released my flyers and started my internet promotions. The re-action was amazing and people started talking about the party everywhere. At the same time, everyone @ the first CB said it was the best NYC party ever and I couldn’t top it! Well folks, ALL of their minds were changed on Friday July 13th! That is the day the NYC Happy Hardcore revolution continued on @ “Here We Go Again”. This time NYC welcomed 188 ravers, from 17 different states, with pre-sale tickets, and introduced them to 500+ ravers who risked not getting in and paid at the door. Just under 700 people created their own UNIFIED VIBE that was so amazing and unforgettable, it made all of the time and energy that I spent planning and promoting the party worth it for me. At 6am roughly 400 ravers were chanting “one more, one more” for DJ Cruze from the UK!! This Halloween I invite you to join us as the first year of the NYC Happy Hardcore revolution culminates with a special "goodbye 'till next year" set by Smoke and Spanx!! If you are planning to come out, please buy pre-sale tickets. If they sell out, the doors will close and there will only be enough room for those with tickets and their costumes!

Official Website: http://raversonly.com/message_boards/index.php?showtopic=3792

Added by logankoester on October 22, 2007