City Hall, 14th & Broadway
Oakland, California

Candlelight Vigil for Workers' Justice
Tuesday, May 16th, 2006 from 5-6 PM
Oakland City Hall, 14th & Broadway
Just 1 block from Civic Center BART

A message from Brooke Anderson:
ABC security workers are almost entirely African Americans and recent immigrants. They protect the most prestigious addresses, wealthiest corporations, and important government offices in our community. Yet, they are paid poverty wages, cannot afford health care, receive inadequate training, and have few opportunities for job advancement. Just yesterday, I visited security workers on the job. I took a copy of a letter of support from 35 faith leaders. The workers were overwhelmed with gratitude at the support of the faith community. They are also really struggling -- many are working multiple jobs to make ends meet, do not have time to spend with their families, are going without health care, and are routinely disrespected on the job. They clearly need our continued solidarity.

As leaders in this community, I know that you have very busy schedules and that your time is valuable. However, we have the opportunity this month to right a wrong, and bring immediate justice to workers in our community who everyday provide us with security. But, in order to do so, we need the city council to see the community out strong on their steps on May 16th. After the vigil, we'll be speaking before the City Council.

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