Taj West End,The Ball Room
Bangalore, Karnataka

American Airlines changes fares 500,000 times per day. Gasoline varies as much as 15 cents per gallon over a two mile drive. How do companies determine prices?

Yahoo! India Research & Development invites you to the Big Thinkers India Series, where Preston McAfee, Research Fellow and VP, Microeconomics at Yahoo! Research will share his insights and experience on ‘Pricing’. McAfee is the author of over seventy articles published in scholarly economics journals and serves as an associate editor of the Theoretical Economics, a new open access journal.

The event will be held at The Ballroom, Taj West End, Bangalore on July 23, 2007 from 3 pm onwards, and will cover topics like price discrimination or value-based pricing with striking illustrations from various fields.

There is no registration fee to attend the event. Further details about the program are available at: Big Thinkers India Series.

Click here to Register for Big Thinkers India Series (http://bangalore.yahoo.com/bigthinkers/event_july23_07.html)

The previous Talk Session of Big Thinkers India Series featured Andrew Tomkins, Director of Search Research at Yahoo! Research. Andrew spoke about some recent trends in web search, and the dynamics of online community formation, in various venues. A PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, Andrew has published over sixty technical papers, including two best paper awards from the World Wide Web conference. Click here to View Past Event

Speakers for Big Thinkers India Series bring with them the expertise and global perspective of the constantly changing world of technology, communities and Internet space in general. It provides a platform for scientists, academia, the government and industry to interact and chart new directions for research.

Please do register early. Limited Seats - will be reserved on First Come First Served basis. We look forward to your participation.

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Wonder when we get to listen to Prof. McAfee.
I sure would love to...