Mariani Drive at De Anza
Cupertino, California

Due to the small demand for this event, it has been delayed. I encourage all who can definetly make it to book their trip through YourmacLife ( )
Myself and a small group may still be going but it will not be a day trip. I have plans to do some interviews that day and can't do it and since I'm the sponsor of this event I throw it out to you guys to plan acordingly)

Price will be 20 dollars per person to help pay for the van rental. Price may be as high as 30 dollars but it will not exceed that price. Be prepared to pay for lunch and any items you buy. Send questions to [email protected] or post them here

This is the second annual Macworld attendee trip to Apple headquarters in Cupertino California! The HQ is only 40 minutes south of downtown SF and this post is to get an idea of who's interested in attending this event.

Last year we had 6 participants and the year before it was just my 4 writers and I. Everyone is invited however a nomial charge for renting a vehicle will be required.

We will be leaving SF around 10:00AM and returning whenever. 4PM will be the latest time assuming 1.5 hours of driving time and a couple of hours at HQ eating and taking photos.

Mark yourself as attending and / or email me [email protected] and we'll discuss our plans. Depending on the demand we'll either rent an SUV or van and pricing will all be worked out. Thanks for looking and I hope to hear from everyone!

"DTT bringing the community back to the Macintosh!"

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Maybe I can make the trip to Cupertino this year!


We would love to have you Blake! We're going to book the van on January 1st so I'll need all commitments by then.