1600-1699 Park Ave
Los Angeles, California 90026

This event is a benefit for the Union Rescue Mission, as well as an event to raise money to build an all ages venue in Long Beach, CA.

The list for the Scavenger Hunt is made up of 100 items. Half of the items are material goods that the Union Rescue Mission are in need of such as toiletries, canned and dry food, children’s clothes, etc… The other fifty items on the list are what make the scavenger hunt a bit interesting.

Here are a few of the items that were on last year’s list…

*Everyone on the team gets cornrows and extended fingernails.
*Life size cut out of Eazy E or Freddy Mercury
*An empty bottle of absinthe.
*A team member getting a flattop with their name shaved in the back of their head.
*Polaroid evidence of one team member making out with a stranger on the street. (25 extra points if the person is a senior citizen)

Each item on the list is worth a certain amount of points. The team with the most points at 7:00pm wins the grand prize, which is $5,000 in donated goods from over fifty different record labels, clothing lines and restaurants. Some of last year’s sponsors were Vice Records, Dischord Records, Goldenvoice, Sub Pop, Saddle Creek, Epitaph, Capitol, and GSL to name a few. The winners of the Scavenger Hunt will be announced Monday, November 13th.

The Scavenger Hunt begins at the north side of the Echo Park Lake at 1:00pm and ends in Echo Park at 7:00pm.

The cost to participate in the scavenger hunt is $5 per person.

Both the Scavenger Hunt and the after party are ALL AGES.

Last year 500+ participated in the LA Scavenger Hunt and over $10,000 in material goods was raised for the Union Rescue Mission. The goal for this year is to double that.

For more information on the hunt please go to the ‘signing up’ section.

About the Union Rescue Mission:
The reason that we choose the Union Rescue Mission is that they are one of the largest missions in downtown LA to house homeless families, but more importantly the URM works with the homeless to get them back on their feet. Many missions in downtown just feed the homeless and push them back onto the street at night.

Official Website: http://www.mypistola.com/lascavengerhunt/

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I know I know...last minute. Want to get a team together or join one. Trying to get two friends together to do it with me but they're being kindna flaky about it and don't want to take the chance of them cancelling on me. Please email if you have a team or are forming a team. send me a note. Thanks much..

pretty much a friendly laid back honest person (though not naive) into scavengerhunts and meeting nice friendly people.


okay! think I've found a solution and thought I'd pass it on. if you want to be a part of the Scavenger Hunt but don’t have a team, please email them and they can help get you on a team.
[email protected]


[email protected] or
[email protected]

Press inquires: [email protected]

Were like the rest of the world and are wasting time on myspace….. www.myspace.com/fuckyeahfest (and we are too lazy and are using the same profile from Fuck Yeah Fest)

If your business is interested in sponsoring the LA Scavenger Hunt by donating product or gift certificates please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.



Team PEOPLE WHO DON'T HATE FUN has been registered and paid for. We will be at the location by 11:30am since registration stgarts at 12:00pm.


uh oh...got email from sean carlson:

"The LA Scavenger Hunt has been postponed till April of 2007.

The reason for the cancellation is my health. I have been having a stomach problem for weeks and a few days back it hit a peak. It was then I realized that I needed to take a break and focus on my health.
Basically, I need to rest. I apologize to all those looking forward to the hunt on Saturday. I hope you still come out in April and I promise it will be just as amazing.
Please vote today.
Take care,
Sean Carlson

Please repost this. The last thing that I would like is people showing up on
Saturday afternoon expecting to be a part of an event that is cancelled.
thanks a bunch."

Please double check the site to confirm. thanks!


Ef!!! I really wanted to do this. April cannot come too quickly.