Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland

It's a bit of a wait but on Sep 28th this side of the ocean will also have Snakes on a Plane!

It's as good an excuse as any to go to the movies and have fun. With some luck there will be sushi, beer, schwag, late night partying and of course Snakes on a Plane in down town Rotterdam.

I'm not sure yet at which theatre it will run. Plans will be finalized later.

Added by alper on August 18, 2006



I've already seen the movie and there is only one other person attending.

If nobody steps up to take over organizing this event, I'll cancel it tonight.

eelke aka toon

I'll still be attending, so I'll take the "organisation" on my shoulders....



Cool, I might still come depending on my state of mind after this event.

So who's attending and should everybody reserve their own tickets?


It seems like Eelke is also not attending this event anymore. I'm cancelling it.