Ludviginkatu 8-10
Helsinki, Uusimaa 00130

UPDATE: Due to unforeseen scheduling hiccups Brady and Jen won't make it to Helsinki. So I'm officially canceling the event! I'm keeping the table reservation open at Via though for those of us who would still like to use the opportunity to meet up unofficially.

--- Event description, now outdated ---

Brady Forrest and Jennifer Pahlka from O'Reilly are co-chairing the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin November 5-8. They will be in Helsinki on Friday 13 July to meet people and scout for cool projects for the event. I'd like to invite you to an open meetup at 5pm at Restaurant Via. It's a great chance to meet Brady and Jen, share projects and discuss the latest going-ons on the Web over a glass of wine.

Please mark yourself as atteding so we know who's coming, and pitch in by helping to spread the word to people Brady and Jen should meet.

See you there!

Official Website:

Added by jyri on June 29, 2007



I'll come if I'm in HEL, might be I'm already driving towards Nuorgam. :)


Sorry not able to make this event as I'll be in the Valley, but it sounds interesting. Please keep me in the loop as there are always cool projects by the Finns - but not always just in Helsinki :^)


link to that berlin event should be this:


See everyone there...regardless of the cancellation :)

Leo K

Hiking in Germany then.. but more of these events in Helsinki would be cool ;-)


Hi there! Despite the official cancellation I originally left the reservation at Via open. A bunch of people have messaged back to say they're heading out of town for the weekend and asked if we could do a local meetup after the holidays. I'm also looking at a longish drive into town to get to Via in time tonight, so let's reschedule a local Web 2.0 meetup to after people are back from their holidays. I'll notify you when we have a new date. Wishing everyone a great summer! Jyri/Aula