1332 W Burnside St
Portland, Oregon 97209


This event has been canceled due to the road and weather conditions. We will meet again in January!


Added by pdxJeanne on December 12, 2008



I'm watching the weather predictions to see how late I can stay out this evening....


The IxDA Portland meet-up that was planned for this evening is canceled.

I've been checking on the road conditions, and it looks like much of Portland and the surrounding areas are still requiring chains. In addition, the weather report says that more snow and/or freezing rain is expected this evening.


Please stay warm and safe, everyone!


Bummer. Many of us take public transit and were planning to come regardless. Plus the rain/snow is expected tomorrow. Come on people it just cold and I'm sure the servers could use the tips. Where are the intrepid F2F interactors in Portland?