563 2nd Street
San Francisco, California 94107

There will be a handful of Canadians in town around Oct. 20th for the Plug & Play event.

Let's connect with local and visiting Canadians and have a big ex-pat networking event / party.

Sign up if you're interested in keeping up to date, and we'll update this event placeholder with more details as we figure them out.

Added by bmann on September 24, 2008



OK, settled on a venue: more beer, more availability to talk. It's not a private party room or anything, we'll just converge here, and head out elsewhere later in the evening depending on how many people show up.


We can drink away post election sorrows brought on by a Harper government...


I can only stay until 7:30 but I'll show up promptly at 6.


Can't be there tomorrow but sure would like to meet up some time if there's another event like this! It's tough for me to get to city locations during the week, but it does happen that I can make it sometimes.