350 West Georgia St.
Vancouver, British Columbia

International Campaign Launch:
United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

Can citizens have a direct voice at the United Nations?


Ian Waddell, Simma Holt, Adriane Carr
and other special guests explain how and why.

Press conference and panel followed by reception and refreshments.
You are invited! No charge.

Tuesday, April 24, noon to 2 pm

Alma VanDusen Room, Vancouver Public Library, 350 West Georgia Street

Hosted by United Nations Association Canada - Vancouver

World Federalist Movement Canada - Vancouver

More information: (604) 874-9982 [email protected]

Canada www.unpacampaign.ca

International www.unpacampaign.org

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Endorse the Appeal for a U.N. Parliamentary Assembly on-line.

For immediate release April 16, 2007
Vancouver Kicks Off International Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

An international campaign to create a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations gets its world start this Tuesday, April 24 at noon at the Vancouver Public Library. This event will be one in a series of press conferences taking place in over ten major cities around the world including London, Buenos Aires, Dar Es Salaam, Dhaka and Rome.
"We elect legislators at local, provincial and national levels" says former Canadian MP Ian Waddell. "But now with critical global challenges such as climate change demanding global solutions, it's time citizens had their own voices and priorities heard in the halls of the United Nations itself."

A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) would be the first parliamentary body directly representing the world's citizens in the United Nations and would be modeled after the development of the European Parliament which began as an advisory body but now helps 492 million Europeans manage their mutual interests, transcending the violent inter-state conflicts of the twentieth century.

Joining the former NDP Parliamentarian at the launch will be former Liberal MP Simma Holt, and Adriane Carr, Deputy Leader, Green Party of Canada. Although not able to attend in person, former Conservative MPs Flora MacDonald and Douglas Roche also endorse the UNPA proposal. The international campaign is co-ordinated by the Committee for a Democratic UN (KDUN), based in Germany, whose initiative is supported by parliamentarians, prominent individuals and civil society groups representing diverse political views who have united in an attempt to change the dynamics of the international system by allowing the voice of citizens, and not just nations, to be heard.

More background on the proposal can be found on the Canadian and International websites at www.unpacampaign.ca and www.unpacampaign.org where an appeal text can be endorsed on-line.

The Vancouver launch is sponsored by the local branches of the United Nations Association in Canada and the World Federalist Movement-Canada. This media event will be followed by a reception to which the general public is invited.
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More information:

Ian Waddell (604) 803-1069

Larry Kazdan (604) 874-9982 [email protected]

Leonard Angel (604) 876-6925

Official Website: http://www.unpacampaign.ca

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