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Calgary has a growing homelessness problem and it is time that it is confronted. I myself am living in the streets and with my fiance, I have been pushed into such anger that it has fuelled me to organize a protest against the treatment of the homeless by the City of Calgary. They tell lies to the media in order to make the situation appear under control, but it's NOT. I see it every day and it's time we did something about it! Not only to help our homeless, but to help our city!

The City of Calgary shut down The Brick winter shelter during a bitter cold weather streak. Many homeless were forced to sleep outside; I myself knew a few people who were already very sick forced to sleep outside. Pregnant women sleeping by the river. This is just not right. The City knew this problem would happen and did nothing until the media created a fuss. They then set up the Whitehorn emergency shelter. This facility had 100 beds, was clean, and decently warm. They then moved us to a facility at the Manchester EMS garages. This garage was freezing cold and we had port-a-potties outside (while the EMS and C-Train cops used bathrooms next door). Imagine using a port-a-potty in the freezing cold and not even being able to wash your face after a long hard day of being homeless.

Our homeless are being overlooked and have no rights. It's time to tell the City what we think! Speak up for those less fortunate who just need a break, speak up against the high cost of housing rentals and property in Calgary, and help prevent a similiar situation from happening next year!

This event is starting on Tuesday, April 24th bright and early at 9am. It will be lasting all day, and we will be camping outside City Hall. If we get kicked out, we plan to move either to Princes Island Park or another undetermined location.

Can't make it to the protest? We would love your help in other ways! Donations of blankets, beverages (hot or cold such as coffee, water, hot chocolate, juice), food (snacks, soups, sandwiches), or anything else you can provide. We are looking into providing entertainment, so if you have a band that would like to perform, please feel free to contact me for more information. And if you have ideas or would like to contribute time to volunteer and help organize this event, let us know!

You may contact myself, Tiffany Collins, by email at [email protected] or on my cell phone at [number removed, new number pending, use email until new number added on 14th of April]. Myself or my fiance Tony will gladly answer any and all questions you may have. You may also email Tony at [email protected]

Remember, that's April 24th at 12am. We'll be there all day! Please come show us your support! Bring a sleeping bag and spend the night with us! We will be camping out until our concerns are responded to by the City. Come down to show your support, lend your ears, and voice your opinion.

See you there!

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Date changed to April 24th.

Grant Neufeld

The rally is not happening.

Tiffany and Tony have had to move away from the city to get off the street, so this rally is not proceeding.

We’ll update you as further action opportunities develop.


It is sad when you are forced out of a city that you live in. I do not agree with that and I await futher actions. Calgary Action will be working on an action/event in the further. Keep updated at www.myspace.com/calgaryaction .

Grant Neufeld

Please contact CHAI before scheduling any housing related actions as we have a few things in the works.