669 Mission Street
San Francisco, California 94105

The goal of Camp Sys Admin is to confront the challenges facing us all as our data centers continue to grow in size and complexity. In a one day gathering, we want to create a forum for campers to dialog with other seasoned Sys Admins, data center architects and technology developers.

Sessions will be moderated by experts in Open Source, systems administration and data center technologies.

Breakout sessions will give campers the chance to talk about specific problems they encounter, tools and techniques they use and "wish lists" to make life in the data center easier.

Participation is free, but space is limited, so register now!

Each camper will have the opportunity to participate in discussions on two of the following topics in breakout sessions lead by expert moderators.

1. Issues of managing Open Source vs. proprietary infrastructure applications and infrastructure middleware.
2. Troubleshooting messaging systems.
3. Ops Collaboration: How data center gurus work together when problems cross different domains.
4. Transitioning from PBX to IP Telephony: Differences in debugging and network troubleshooting techniques.
5. J2EE Troubleshooting.

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This is rescheduled to Jan 14th.