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Next CamCreative - Speaker Mark Desvaux

Mark Desvaux is a Recording Artist (Urban Myth Club), Social Entrepreneur and BBC Radio Broadcaster. He owns several business in the media and property industries and is focused on help create a world that is environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just.

For more info on Mark, visit his web site at www.4000saturdays.com

Introducing THANKUBANK.org & Part of the Solution (the movie)

Two exciting “social profit” projects have recently been launched in Cambridge. Mark Desvaux will tell us more about thankubank.org and Part of the Solution- the movie.

THANKUBANK.org – In the midst of economic collapse and financial fury, a new kind of bank for a new generation has quietly launched after two years of planning and development. Unlike any other bank, this one issues a free currency called the THANKU. You can’t buy anything with it, only give it away. The THANKU is the international currency of gratitude, and hope to revolutionise people’s lives around the world. So what is the THANKU, how does it work and how might it cheers us all up? How could it contribute to help the environmental problems in the world as well as helping make the world a better, more balanced place? Find out more at the Cam Creative talk.


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