Portugal Place
Cambridge, England CB5 8AF

Cambridge tweeps up for a decent brew on a weekend.

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Added by pierrefar on January 15, 2009


Nick Franklin

I'm not around...23-25th, any other day would be better for me :). the 17th for example...or the 31st.


Would love to come along, but I’m also booked up for that weekend. A shame: it sounds like fun.


Obviously we'll never figure a time when everyone is free, so I suggest the following:

More tweetups :)

We can make this a semi-regular thing like once a month or so. Keep it informal and flexible


hope i can make it, will be great to meet up with some of you again


sorry to say im away till the 30th @pierrefar yep make it the xth saturday in each month at the same place, then we could turn up when we are free


Sounds like fun - maybe use something like http://doodle.ch for arranging date next time?



Saturday? Will nobody think of the children!


@ Matthew: No, I didn't consider the children, but good point. Apologies :) Next time definitely!

This is an important question so please take a minute to answer the poll at





Due to me being very stupidly forgetful, I double booked the tweetup on top of another engagement - in Granchester at 3PM. So I won't be able to come this time around and I'm really really sorry and I'm really really kicking myself.

Of course, please have a beer in my name, and I'll be there for the next tweetup!

Speaking of which, please vote for which days are better for you if you haven't already: http://cli.gs/ztabA1

Apologies again,