Cambridge, England

How these things normally work.

- meetup
- photos for around 3-4 hours
- break for some food / beer
- depending on weather and interest carry on shooting.

This will be one of our first indoor meets so good weather is certain :)

If you are attending please also join the Cambridge Flickr Group and introduce yourself.

Official Website:

Added by monkeyleader on January 2, 2008



Hi there, Although I am interested in the walk, there is one thing that baffles me. Why can you not arrange this for a display day when there will be so much more going on, walks down the liveside where many planes will be seated on the grass (although you can not walk on the grass people no excuses) that way you can take photos of all the indoor planes and some of the french and more further afield aircraft. Duxford is a wonderful place to take photos and learn more about aircraft at the same time, but why spoil that buy going on a day when there is no display??
If cost is a problem why not contact duxford to see if you can get a bulk discount?? worth a try, you never know.......


Actually this was more due to the fact that we wanted to find somewhere indoors to take photos in Jan - given the fact it will probably be pee-ing it down with rain ...


We are meeting at the main entrance at 10.30am ... See you there.