King's Parade
Cambridge, England CB2 1ST

Plan is to stomp around Cambridge for a few hours into dust / evening taking some photos.

Meeting at the Front of Kings College, Cambridge @ 6.30pm.

Around 9.30pm head to a curry house for some food, or simply a few beers somewhere.

Curry at the Saffron Brasserie

Official Website:

Added by monkeyleader on March 25, 2008



Curry is now confirmed (around 9.30pm) for Saffron Brasserie


If anyone wants to come but can't make 6.30pm drop me a message and I'll drop you my mobile number.

The Beardster

Good to meet everyone. Next time have to taxi it so I can have a few more pints of Abbot.

Armando Fusco

Thanks to everyone who attended. I really enjoyed the evening.