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Signature Recordings/SOUL:R UK

Calibre has always delivered a sound that delves below the all too often unsatisfying D&B surface. His ability to bring a warm, natural feel to the digital landscape of D&B opened the door to a new breed of dance floor capable, musically orientated D&B, as confident in its longevity as in its originality. Less was certainly more.

Since then Calibre has released for labels such as Marcus Intalex and ST File's Soul:R label, including collaboration work under the Mist:I:Cal moniker with the Manchester duo. Other label contributions have included CIA, 31, Defunked, V Recordings and Critical. Remixes have also been a heavy outlet for Calibre's take on 21st century blues and soul, with commissions from the likes of High Contrast, Badmarsh & Shri, and US R&B up-and-comer Jaheim.

Calibre's own vision, Signature Recordings is the home for his own prolific studio output, offering an unprecedented freedom to experiment and release music on his own terms. Signature offers regular singles as well as artist albums, remixes of his own work from fellow boundary pushers such as Omni Trio and Klute and collaborations, including MIST's ST Files.

2004 brought chart topping releases such as 'Feeling Happy' (Signature), 'Mr Maverick / Highlander' (Signature), 'PUR' (Revolve:R), 'Drowning' (Liquid V) and the ABSOLUTELY massive 'Drop It Down (feat. Fats)'. Calibre's project with ST files under the St.Cal moniker saw its first release on Soul:r in September 2004 with 'Red Light / Little Man'. Calibre also scored with two huge mixes of Zinc's 'Flim' for Bingo Beats.

2005 saw Calibre Spend less time djing and more time in the studio finalising his new album, 'Second Sun' the first for Signature. Early tracks such as 'Kiya', 'Is it You?' and 'Second Sun' got well supported across the board from Fabio, Grooverider, Friction, Zinc, Bailey, High Contrast, Flight, Marcus Intalex etc... Calibre's hard work paid out and the result is what can only be described as a phenomenal long player, for many dnb fans, easily the album of the year.

With the album release in November, Calibre has given in to the overwhelming demand for dj work and spent the last few months of 2005 touring solidly across the UK, Europe and Japan. Other plans for the first half of 2006 include tours of the USA, Australia and New Zealand and beyond...

After that look for Calibre to hit the studio again, finishing up the long awaited MIST:I:CAL LP.




The Lotus Sound Lounge

455 Abbott

Tickets $16 at Beatstreet, Boomtown, Remix, Vinyl, and Zulu


We will be offering a limited number of combined tickets for the SHY FX and CALIBRE shows. They will be available at Boomtown for $27 + s/c, an $8 savings off of the price of tickets to both shows, and will include a new mix CD from DJ SODA, or possibly even a copy of the fabled forthcoming Jay-Auto mix

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