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Beggars Banquet is pleased to release the new album by New York?s CALLA. Collisions is their label debut and it will be released on September 27th, 2005.

Despite its beauty, the CALLA Lily can cause intense burning and irritation of the mouth and tongue and can block swallowing with the results being fatal. Who would ever think that a thing so beautiful at first glance could be so sinister? CALLA make beautiful music, and if you don?t listen close enough it can deceive you into thinking it?s something that it's not. It is music that just slightly beneath its root turns dark and mysterious.

The band is comprised of Aurelio Valle, Wayne Magruder, and Peter Gannon. Ever since their 1999 debut they have been gaining fans, critical acclaim and accolades everywhere. Their ability to be the ?loudest? ?quiet? rock band gives them their distinctive reputation. It feels upbeat at times, but a closer listen reveals hints of betrayal and disappointment.


Celebration is Katrina Ford, Sean Antanaitis and David Bergander, and it?s been a long time coming. 4AD is proud to have signed them, and will be releasing their self-titled debut album on October 11th, 2005.

In short, this band is the most fully realized and three-dimensional stage of a decade-long journey through a string of striking, unsettling and influential projects. First came the unhinged punk expressionism of Jaks (reissued earlier this year by Three One G). After Jaks came Lovelife, and two resonant, bold albums (one released by Jagjaguwar, the other by Troubleman). Lovelife fragmented a couple of years ago, and in the space it left behind, Celebration gradually took shape.

Like Lovelife, Celebration is a band that leans heavily on Sean's Antanaitis? multi-instrumental abilities. He plays all the music except the drums - a feat he manages live as well as in the studio. Onstage, this translates into an intensely concentrated, four-limbed performance - one which leaves David and Katrina unencumbered, and free to follow their instincts. It's one of the reasons why Celebration is the right name for this band - it's not just about self-expression, it's about something wider than that. As David puts it: "it's the name of the band and it's the way the music is - everybody is invited..."

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