California, the richest state of the union, is now financially bankrupt with the lowest credit rating in the USA. It is the highest taxed and highest spending state and has been running deficits for years. The state teetered on the brink of collapse in February before a compromise was achieved on the budget. It is not over yet—without voter approval, the crisis will come to head again. The conference will discuss the California State’s fiscal crisis and its structural causes and the likely future course it will take.


Governance and Fiscal Deficits—Dr. Michael Shires, Pepperdine School of Public Policy
Public Expenditures—-Fred Foldvary, Research Fellow, The Independent Institute
Tax Structure: Mason Gaffney, UC@Riverside
Health Expenditures: John Graham, Director, Pacific Research Institute
Education Expenditures: Lisa Snell, Director, Reason Foundation
Natural Resources: David Zetland, Fellow, UC@Berkeley
Small Business Growth: Robert Fairlie, Director, UC@Santa Cruz
Business Bankruptcies: James E Atkins, Duffy & Atkins LLP

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I was wondering if someone from our unit should attend this one day conference.

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