12 Avenue at 4 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta

25th Anniversary of the annual women’s Take Back The Night march and rally.

Meet at 7:30 PM.
March at 8:00 PM.

Men are invited to support the event at the rally and along the sidewalk during the march, but the march itself is for women and their children. The march originated out of the idea that women should be able to walk safely at night without having to be ‘protected’ by and from men.


Women have protested inequalities throughout history. In Calgary, women have been marching to Take Back The Night since 1982. Take Back The Night symbolizes our commitment to stopping the epidemic of violence against women in our families, our workplaces, our communities, and by the State. We continue to work to change attitudes and behaviours that lead to the perpetuation of violence in all its forms.

This year we promote unity, equality, and safety. The symbolism of the march must be continued into our everyday lives, as the necessity for women to feel safe and empowered must extend beyond an annual event. We hope to create change through community building and inspire a new generation to rise-up and stop the cycle of violence.

Take Back the Night…

• Provides an opportunity to stand together united in solidarity.
• Offers a safe place to express our outrage at the violence in our lives.
• Breaks the silence about violence in our lives.
• Reclaims the right to control our own bodies, lives, and futures.
• Shouts our desire to live freely, without fear of violence.
• Reminds us that we are strong as individuals and even stronger together.

Official Website: http://calgarycasa.com/programs/take-back-the-night-2006

Added by Grant Neufeld on August 30, 2007