Join Us Tommorow for a fun filled 20 minutes of chalk drawing!
Go flash mobs!

Date: Sunday January 7
Time: 2 PM
Location: 9th St. SW, just north of 7th Ave. That's between 7th and 6th ave SW. You can get off the C-train at the 8th St. Station. Cross the tracks where the train turns (that'll be on your right) and walk north, towards the river.
Please bring:
Sidewalk chalk, your sense of humour.

The Plan:
At precisely 2 PM on Sunday, we shall descend on the sidewalk and begin drawing pictures.
(So don't be late. In fact, show up a little early.) Draw anything you want. Draw about your ideas, your life, your family, your city or nothing at all. We have no expectation that you'll be especially good at drawing- this is just about expressing yourself, having some fun and meeting some new people.

We'll be drawing for a very short period of time. It's important for the effect of the flash mob that we dissapate shortly after we finish drawing, so pick a place to go afterwards to hang out with your friends or your new aquaintances. There are plenty of good coffee shops and restaurants downtown, and we'll be right near the train.

The Point:
Do it for freedom, justice, love, peace.. All that.
Seriously. Let's go have some fun and draw some sidewalk pictures.

The Rules:
I hate to add this part, but with such a large group it's probably neccessary. But it's simple. Be nice, treat people as you want to be treated.Be respectful. All that stuff your mother taught you. Also, it's vital we all dissappear at the end, so i decided to repeat it here.

That's about it folks. I'll mention here that i'm drumming up some prizes, but i promise nothing. Also, if you can think of anyone i've missed (specifically, i don't know erin and amoreina's emails/ numbers, so if anyone else in my art class does, then call them for me), feel free to forward this along.
I'm excited.

I'll see everyone on Sunday!

Added by rachelchai on January 6, 2007