G12a, 880 - 16 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta

Meetup with other users of the Flickr photo hosting service.

"Bring your camera, yourself, whatever else you think you might need. We'll just hang out for awhile, and then head out on a photo stroll for awhile (why your camera is important). It's pretty casual."

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Added by Grant Neufeld on August 13, 2005



Change... It is on the 14th (Sunday) and is now at Steeps inside Mount Royal Village, at the corner of 16th/17th Ave and 8 St SW, in the same general area as the previous location posted just a few blocks east.


We had six people out... Not bad for a first time.

Pictures are now posted - http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/calgaryflickrmeetaugust/

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