1320 - 5 Avenue NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 0S2

A local currency encourages local purchasing, whether
through local vendors or through local suppliers, which
in turn reduces transportation costs associated with
getting you the products you need. To support the
environment is to support your local currency project.

Calgary Dollars is Calgary's local currency, providing
a unit of measure between barter transactions of goods
and/or services within the local community. It is a
symbol of a thriving local economy and community.

Calgary Dollars hosts a monthly potluck & market on the
2nd Wednesday of every month. The potluck is the
monthly meetup of members from the Calgary Dollars
network. The market is the showcase of items for sale
for Calgary Dollars.

Note: Attendees must make a food item that will feed six
and include a list of ingredients.

Please RSVP to confirm event details with their office
before planning to attend.

Official Website: http://www.calgarydollars.ca

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