106, 223 - 12 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2R 0G9

This week's meeting will focus only partly on the usual square-dancing and karaoke sing-along. For the other part, we will be joined by the folks from SPAN (Sustainable Practices Action Network) and by one of the organizers for the climate change rally that is to take place Canada-wide on March 11th with an eye to discussing crafty rally ideas and to provide activist fodder for the water-cannons and teargas.

Joking about water-cannons and teargas aside, this will likely be the first nationwide rally of the year around one of the World's most pressing issues, and it gives all of us the chance to dust off the Christmas holiday cobwebs and be involved in positive engagement and vocal demonstration.

Bring your ideas, enthusiasm, and support.

We will also take some time on Tuesday evening, to perhaps watch a bit of a DVD on performance art from ATSA (Action for Socially Acceptable Transport http://upcoming.org/e..., and after the meeting (or at the very least, we'll agree to another time) take part in some direct action inspired and made possible by ATSA. ATSA have provided some "Citizens Statement of Offence" tickets that look exactly like Bylaw enforcement tickets that we can place on the windshields of vehicles that are oversize/gas-guzzling, use a remote starter, or idle too long. Its all in the spirit of a good-natured, but quite poignant, poke at our society's guzzle-affair with the four-wheeled petroleum-suckers.

You are certainly permitted to be a stick-in-the-mud and not join in on the most fun since you scribbled horns on a poster of Stephen Harper, but then you'd feel terribly left out - and you wouldn't be part of this disestablishment group if you wanted to feel left out now, would you?


Official Website: http://adbusters.meetup.com/16/

Added by ItzaFineDay on January 19, 2007


Grant Neufeld

Um, for those of you not familiar with ItzaFineDay's brand of humour(?), please note that there isn't actually any square dancing or karaoke scheduled for this meeting...