901 - 64 AVENUE NE
Calgary, Alberta

What: 4th Shrine Circus Protest!

When: Friday, May 9, 6:30 PM

Who should come: Anyone against the slavery & torture of Animals!

Meeting Description: The SHRINE CIRCUS is coming to Calgary & will be here 6 different days!

I want to schedule a Protest for All of those days but we'll see once I get more feedback from everyone. The Shrine Circus will be here May 2, 3, 4 & then come back for 9th, 10th & 11th.

We need to send the message that this is NOT OK.

Circus Animals are not taught all those tricks from being feed treats as praise, they are beaten, tortured physically & mentally, & kept locked up in tiny unfathomable conditions.

Please go to http://www.circuses.com/ to educate yourself on what truly goes on behind close doors at the Circus. Please watch the Video that's on the Front Page of http://www.circuses.com/

It will enrage you but the Animals deserve everyone to know the TRUTH about what they go through so that people can have an hour of fun.

The 6 dates that the Circus is in Calgary are all Friday's, Saturday's, & Sunday's so hopefully a lot of people can make these dates.

Here's the Address.............

901 - 64 AVENUE NE

I hope we can make a BIG impression & discourage People from attending the Circus.

Please come out - we need all the help we can get!

Learn more here:

Official Website: http://animalrights.meetup.com/196/

Added by Calgary Animal Rights on April 25, 2008



I think this is the most horrible display of free speech i have ever seen!!!!!!!!
The Shriners Circus raises money for sick children, burn victim children and adults as well as hundreds of other human victims, and you people have nothing better to do then to stand outside and protest. GET A LIFE AND THINK ABOUT THE BURN VICTIMS.That Elephant you are so worried about would probably be dead by now if it was out in the wild. You people disgust me.

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