12 North Street Quadrant
Brighton, England BN1 3FA

Peter Atkins (University of Oxford)

"What is energy? Although we spend much of our income on energy, this abstract concept seems elusive. I shall try to illuminate it by talking about two aspects: one qualitative, the other quantitative. First, I shall explain how energy enters science. Then we shall see that the fact that the total amount of energy is constant reveals a very deep feature of the universe. We shall also see that the tendency of energy to disperse, as expressed by the Second Law of thermodynamics, constitutes the spring that drives all change. In short, there cannot be an energy crisis, but there is a looming entropy crisis."

7:30 for 8pm start.

Meetings are free (although a contribution to expenses is appreciated)

Official Website: http://www.cafe-scientifique-brighton.org.uk/

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