52 London Road
Brighton, England BN1 4JD

Steve Ashley (University of Surrey)

"The words "radiation" and "nuclear" can cause a certain amount of unease. For a lot of people, the atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima and the disaster caused by the explosion at Chernobyl are the overriding images that spring to mind whenever those words are mentioned. However, it is not just the nuclear power and nuclear weapons industries that harness the emission of radiation. Hospitals are commonplace for X-ray irradiations, PET scans, equipment sterilisation and radiotherapy. In addition to that, radioactive sources are frequently used in industry and in the home. In fact, the emission of radiation occurs in some rather bizarre places. Steve will provide an introduction to the nature of radioactive decay, the likely (and not-so-likely) places where it occurs and what radiation does to us. There will also be a couple of demonstrations which involve some rather odd radioactive objects".

7:30pm for an 8pm start.

Official Website: http://www.cafescientifique.org/brighton.htm

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