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In the year 2009, we intend to follow monthly themes suggested by the Coalition on Public Understanding of Science. First up: About science itself.

Join Seminole Community College Planetarium Director Derek Demeter as we explore the evolution of science from the times of Ptolemy to the modern science we know today. We will begin our journey in ancient Greece, where the first scientists sought out observational truth about the natural world they lived in. We then venture into the Middle East during the middle ages, where experimental science began to develop. Following, we emerge to the time of Galileo where observation and experimentation takes its final form in what we now know as modern science. We end our journey in modern times to see what science has in store for the future.

Get a bite to eat and glass of wine or mug of beer, and join in the discussion.

Every month, scientific experts and lay community meet in a cafe or bar to explore the latest scientific ideas and discoveries, using plain language. Admission is free, and you need no reservation to join us—just come ready to listen and offer opinions.

Café Scientifique started in England in 1998, and aims to demystify scientific research, inform, and engage the public with science, outside a traditional academic setting.

Official Website: http://cafesciorl.com/2009-01-Nature-of-Science

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