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Come to our first event, where we'll hear about our new exploration of the red planet. Mars has gotten a lot of skygazers' attention lately, now that we have technology to explore it in far more depth than we could have thought possible even a few years ago. NASA's and JPL's Mars Phoenix Lander only just arrived on Mars' north polar region at the end of May. Whatever it discovers will shape our ideas of extraterrestrial habitation for years to come.

Derek Demeter, Director of Seminole Community College Planetarium, will describe the goals, challenges, and successes of the newest NASA lander sent to the planet Mars.

Get a bite to eat and glass of wine or mug of beer, and join in the discussion.

Every month, scientific experts and lay community meet in a cafe or bar to explore the latest scientific ideas and discoveries, using plain language. Admission is free, and you need no reservation to join us—just come ready to listen and offer opinions.

Café Scientifique started in England in 1998, and aims to demystify scientific research, inform, and engage the public with science, outside a traditional academic setting.

Official Website: http://cafesciorl.com/

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I'm intrigued.

Chad Miller

It should be a hoot. With all the news from NASA, poor Derek probably has to change his presentation every day!

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