32 Egremont Place
Brighton, England BN2 2GA

Paul Tofts (Brighton & Sussex Medical School)

The Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2003 was given to the physicists who invented Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MRI is now the preferred way of diagnosing many diseases. Yet the MRI camera is currently evolving to a new form, that of a scientific instrument. The concepts given to us by ancient astronomers, physicists and clock-makers come to our aid. Subtle abnormalities can now be measured, invisible in conventional MR images.
Slow progress of diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, tumours and Alzheimer’s disease can be measured. Professor Tofts’ work at the new Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre at Brighton and Sussex Medical School involves optimising the sensitivity of such methods, to enable the measurement of the smallest possible changes. Some diseases will be diagnosed earlier. Response to treatment could be measured early on and used to predict and customise subsequent interventions

7:30 for an 8pm start.

Official Website: http://www.cafescientifique.org/brighton.htm

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Bus information from Jim and Jenny: "You can get the No. 81/81a/81b bus, which runs from Churchill Square down North Steeet and up St James Street, turning up Upper Rock Gardens/Egremont Place/Queens Park Road, then down Elm Grove and ends up at the Open Market. (It also goes the other way of course!) Get off the bus at either Egremont Place or Egremont Gate."