32 Egremont Place
Brighton, England BN2 2GA

Dr Adrian Ely of SPRU (University of Sussex) will give a short talk, followed by a discussion and question session.
Dr Ely has researched the regulation of GM crops in various countries of the European Union, as well as in the USA, Africa and East Asia over the last 7 years. “In the UK, genetically modified crops have possibly caused more controversy than any other area of science and technology over the past decade. Issues of human health and environmental damage have been at the forefront of media coverage, but behind the scenes wider questions have been asked about the increasingly pervasive role of unfamiliar and uncertain technologies in our lives, and about our seeming lack of control over their use. This talk will provide some background to these wider questions and look at how the UK government have (or have not) tried to take them into account when making decisions around GM crops. It will then compare the experiences here in the UK with those in other parts of the world”.
We hope to see you there – “Home”, 32 Egremont Place, Brighton BN2 0GA - as always, 7.30pm for an 8.00 start.

Official Website: http://www.cafescientifique.org/brighton.htm

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