12 North Street Quadrant
Brighton, England BN1 3FA

Chris Cocking (London Metropolitan University)

"Coverage of mass emergencies (such as fires, terrorist attacks etc) is often full of accounts of mass panic. Traditional views of behaviour during such emergencies argue that those affected are prone to selfish and/or irrational behaviour as they flee from danger. However, over 50 years of research into this area has found a much more complex story. Far from mass panic occurring, those affected by emergencies are often co-operative and altruistic towards each other --- even when amongst strangers, and/or in life-threatening situations. This talk will try to explain what happens in these situations and why, in psychological terms, as well as the implications this has for how the emergency services manage mass evacuations." In other words, Don’t Panic!

7:30 for an 8pm start.

Events are free but a donation is welcome to cover costs.

Official Website: http://www.cafe-scientifique-brighton.org.uk/

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