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This is a variation on event caching. Geocachers gather to clean up the trash in the area to improve the environment as a coordinated activity.

The idea of Cache In Trash Out (CITO) came about late in the year 2000 as a way for geocachers to contribute to the beautification of our local parks and lands.

The CITO event cache category was added to differentiate cleanup events from other types of event caches. Use this category when you are asking geocachers to show up on a particular day to pick up litter at a park, remove piles of junk near a popular waterfront, etc. Do NOT use this category for a physical cache that is placed in an area that is need of cleanup – just mention the CITO opportunity on your cache page.

CITO Events are set up and sponsored by geocachers – not by other organizations. If you have an event you feel fits within the spirit of this unique category, yet are still unsure, please seek permission from Groundspeak before submitting.

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